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Useful Links

Please find some helpful useful links below.

Video Theory Test: This video contains an overview of your theory test and the scores you are required to pass.

Video Practical Test: This video gives you a few practical tips on what you will need for your test, what will happen on the day and an overview of the test.

Video Hazard Perception: This video gives you further information and advice about the hazard perception element of the theory test. It also includes an explanation on how the scores are worked out.

Theory Test Pro: This is a link to the theory training site you can access once you begin lessons.

Theory Test: This is the official government website for booking your theory test.

Show Me Tell Me Questions: The attached link introduces you to the questions you will be asked on your practical driving test. For further information please refer to the Practical Driving Test section.

Practical Test: This is the official government website for booking your practical driving test.

Pass Plus: This is a link to the official Pass Plus website. Further information can be found on the Pass Plus link.

Driving Test Costs: The link sets out the costs for the theory test and practical driving test.

Driving Lessons and Learning to Drive: For further information about learning to drive and taking driving lessons please follow the link.

DL25 Driving Test Report: This is the official report the driving examiner will complete during your practical driving test.

Applying For Your Provisional Licence: If you need to apply for your provisional licence you can follow the link.